Colour Families // The Millennial Pinks

Whelp it's been about a year since my last colour families post which makes me sad because I love doing these! There's something about seeing a bunch of the same coloured makeup products together that makes me happy - which is probably why I love doing monochromatic looks so much! While I fully intend on keeping this series going - who knows how long it will be until my next one haha! Today though, we're diving into the millennial pinks aka THE colour of the moment! I've become absolutely obsessed with this shade in fashion and homewares, and naturally that obsession has bled into my makeup! It's kind of hard to find makeup items that are the perfect shade of ~millennial pink~ as it's such a pale colour and pinks in general can look so different on different skintones. So - most of these might be more of a "blushed pink nude", but I'm still super into them and they complement each other well!


Empties #16

It's empties time again! As per the usual, I've got a heap of skincare and almost zero makeup but hey, at least I'm using up my products! Not much more to say in this intro, so let's dive in!


ColourPop Reviews #3

It kinda feels like Colourpop is the only makeup I'm buying right now - as evidenced by the fact that I just made another massive order last week. What can I say, I am loving them right now! Honestly they cannot be beat in terms of affordability, product quality and product range. They really do offer very good quality, trendy products in a huge range for very low prices. Not to mention the fact that they are constantly having sales and release a new product what seems like every other day. All of that combined means I just can't resist making orders all over the place! That being said, was I the only person to notice they increased the prices of the Ultra Mattes and Satins by 50c?? Petty I know, but dang Colourpop why u do. Anyway I made a couple of orders at the end of last year, and I've had enough play time to write some reviews! Check out my other Colourpop reviews here, here and here.


The Best of 2017 // Skincare

It's basically February but apparently I'm still stuck in 2017? It is late, but I'm finally rounding out my 2017 favourites with my favourite skin care products. Check out my makeup faves here! I haven't done an updated skincare routine in a long while, so think of this post as products I've been using recently, as well as my favourites!


My Top 6 Movies of 2017

This post is quite a bit late, but what can I say, I was struggling to come up with my favourite movies from last year! I kept delaying this post in hopes I would be able to see the movies I wanted to from last year but most of them are unavailable, and others I liked but not enough to make my faves. There are a couple of movies I still really want to see that might have made my list, like Lady Bird (which technically only comes out in cinemas here in Feb so it might make an appearance in my 2018 faves!) and Call Me By Your Name. There were a lot of movies I liked from last year, but not a lot that really blew me away, which is why I had a little trouble coming up with my list. These six films from last year are all amazing though, so let's get into them!