The Best of 2017 // Beauty

I'm a little bit late to the 2017 roundup party, but better late than never! I'm also thinking of doing a skincare favourites of 2017 since I haven't done a skincare routine post in a while! Anyway, I tried to keep my 2017 favourites to products I actually discovered in 2017 and were new to me last year, but there are a few (three to be exact) repeats from 2016, and also a few products that I got in 2016 (perhaps toward the end of the year), but really loved in 2017. Do check out my 2016 favourites because I still absolutely love all of those products and many of them are still in my everyday rotation and could have easily been mentioned here! Also it wasn't purposeful, but I've actually got 17 products here, so it's my top 17 from 2017!


What I've Been Watching #11

It's about that time again...time to round up the latest tv shows I've been watching! I seem to do these roundups every three months, but some months I watch more shows than others! Seems to be the case these past few months (as I'm on holidays and I have nothing better to do than binge shows) as I have six shows to chat about! I also watched season 2 of the Crown and I enjoyed it. I liked how they focused on and delved more deeply into characters other than Elizabeth this season - like Philip! I had no idea he had such an extreme backstory haha. I was a bit sad for Margaret though - but I guess you can't change history! 


Monthly Favourites // December 2017

Happy new year frens! I hope you guys had an amazing holiday break, and a wonderful new years! I cannot believe we're in 2018..it's really quite a daunting prospect! I'm pretty sure I'm more scared than I am excited for 2018 but hopefully it has good things in store for all of us! I wasn't planning on doing a December favourites (my yearly 2017 favourites is in the pipeline!) but there were actually a lot of new products I really loved through the month that aren't going to be mentioned in my yearly faves, but definitely deserve a shoutout!


NARS Love Triangle // Hot Sand + Rita

Hey guys - I hope everyone is doing well as we ramp up for Christmas! I'm pretty hectic busy working those gruelling Christmas shopping shifts, and I still need to finish Christmas shopping myself (oops!). This will probably be my last post for..this year?? Maybe? I will be taking a bit of a break next week as I hang out with the fam, and we are going camping for a couple of days which should be fun! Today I'm reviewing a holiday release from this year, the NARS x Man Ray Love Triangle in Hot Sand and Rita. Unfortunately this is sold out online at Mecca - but neither of these are limited edition shades. The Audacious Lipstick in Rita is available permanently and Hot Sand is a highlighter shade that pops up pretty frequently. It seems to be available permanently in the US, but unfortunately not at Mecca!


My Summer Essentials

It took a minute, but summer is well and truly in full swing in Brisbane! The sun be swelterin' and the sweat be drippin'. I figured now was a good a time as any to share some of my essential products for combatting the hot weather (or rather making it more bearable!).